Sword Art Online: ALfhein – Episode 24 to 25


And then Sword Art Online comes to an end, with a lot of tension in the penultimate episode and the reunion of the characters in the last episode.


In the penultimate episode Kirito Yui and finally reach the top of Yggdrasil and find Asuna, but sucked appears and ends the party. When all seemed lost, Kayaba Akihiko appears and encourages Kirito to keep fighting and the fight they had where Kirito transcended the limitations of the system. Kirito gains access to and uses Kayaba id privileges GM (Game Master) to massacre sucked and free Asuna.


The last episode was very good. In the real world Suhou Kazuto tries to kill but ends up being almost dead and is stuck in the same place. Kazuto and all his friends are reunited SAO in the real world to finally celebrate the end of the game and now all play together VRMMO. Suguha went on to play with them even though you feel far away from the group.

Well, SAO was a great anime, mixing different elements, but especially romance and action. Early on it looked like Kirito was that kind of character and arrogant loner, never joined with anyone and when he did it was only to help with anything. And things only got worse after members of his former guild died without which he could do nothing.


Comparing what he looked like at the beginning and at the end was as I can tell he has evolved as a character, making friends and stop being alone gradually. The same goes for Asuna, she cut him off, then began to dedicate himself 100% to finish ojogo and acted like tsundere, but gradually left the tsun side and joined permanently in deredere.


Other characters like Agil and Klein were not as exploited and sometimes appeared, but in my opinion was well shown as a friendship with them has developed. Even Silica and Lisbeth have changed, even though it appeared in only two episodes, after the first appearance of them already different from onset of the episode.

One of the things I like most about it was SAO, as the relationships between the characters were developed and how their development was discussed. The novel was another point that I really liked, anyway like cheesy couples in shounen.

Originally started seeing simply because he spoke RPG, but what really surprised me was that the RPG elements were only as background and the whole story revolved around the relationships between the characters and survival. After only half the relationships between the characters, had joyful moments and it was not just survival all the time, which led me to read the light novel too.


I’m a bit sad about the end, but do not get me wrong: I loved the ending, but the fact that it just makes me a little sad, now we can only wait for a possible second season, but it may be that the anime never be touched too, but really hope to have a second season.


Sword Art Online: ALfhein – Episode 15 to 17

Then finally talking about the new arc SAO ALfhein Online, back in the real world after two years trapped in Aincard, new characters appear and a new VRMMORPG and some players who failed to leave even after the destruction of Aincard, which will be Kirito without Asuna, but the biggest question of all is that ALfhein really pays? Discover below.
The first episode ALfhein happens sometime after the last episode Aincard, perhaps the most visible difference so far is Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) living in the real world which seems strange after so long stuck in a game. Asuna could not log out and is still stuck somewhere, but where ultimately the Sword Art Online servers were emptied after most players consegurem log out successfully. In that time between what happened between one game and another Kazuto was doing rehab because after two years in bed and unable to move suffered severe reduction in muscle mass.

Going to the matter that we have a new character in the story Kirigaya Suguha, Kazuto’s sister who is actually his cousin because Kazuto was adopted by his aunt and uncle when his parents died. Suguha at first glance appears to be a bishoujo very cute and really care about his brother. It’s been a while since the anime was focused only on Kazuto and Asuna what disappointed me a bit, because Lisbeth eae cutest characters from the Silica loli no longer appear, however it seems that they will appear again.


Suguha really care Kazuto since he’s always ido Asuna visit the hospital, it was a bit poorly explained in the anime, but so in exchange for giving information about what happened in SAO, Kazuto asked the location of Yuuki Asuna and was thus Kazuto to find out where she was. Another interesting detail is that apparently the mother and father Kazuto Asuna known.

A major problem arose however as Asuna’s parents have already decided who she will marry and will perform the wedding even with Asuna unconscious but got some important information Agil a new game called ALfhein Online and a picture that drew players into the game where there was a girl like Asuna then Kazuto discovers that the company that created the game is arranged in nine league Asuna and facts. Kazuto takes the game with borrowed Agil play and goes home and puts the name of your avatar Kirito well as SAO, but not everything was perfect because ALfhein uses the remains of the SAO system and because of this when Kazuto was about to arrive the territory of Springans, but was suddenly transported to another region apparently part of its attributes and skills of the original Kirito were kept as well as AI, adopted daughter of Kazuto and Asuna Yui private pixie and now is back.


Kirito saves a call Lyfa Sylph, which is later revealed to be actually Suguha, good Lyfa explains about the game and decides to Kirito help him after the reaction that it was because his eyes at that moment resembled the eyes of his brother Kazuto . I can imagine the reaction when she will discover that Kirito is actually his brother Kazuto. Moreover Suguha seems to have a brother complex, however maybe she’s just confused to learn that he is actually her cousin and how they used to be very close Kazuto before surrendering to the virtual world this may have caused some confusion in her mind .


Some interesting facts have completely changed the perception of the world, primarily because with the exception of players like Asuna got stuck even after the destruction of Aincard the rest of the players can log out, plus it can fly and the ability to use magic instead of having sword skills makes completely different scenario. Besides the feeling of both games are different, because in SAO players fought for their liberty while in Alfhein Kirito fights to save Asuna continues being held prisoner in the virtual world.


There are also other new characters despite not being important and feathers have appeared once or twice so far. Overall I can say that the anime is good for the first change of air, before it was just a survival game like many anime nowadays is that the difference was more focused on the relationships between the characters at this point in relations between the anime characters not changed and above all the new characters contributed greatly to the change of scenery.



Sword Art Online: Episode 11 – 14

After the betrayal of Kuradeel that almost caused the death of Kirito, our protagonist and Asuna decided to take a sabbatical from frontline married and went to live on the 22nd floor. The atmosphere of the anime was already undergoing major changes since the previous episodes then an episode with a completely romantic climate was expected and as already said in previous posts in addition to seeing the anime I’m reading his light novel where this part of the story becomes more mellow than in the anime. Well, some people did not like the molasses saying that in a game of survival have both playing house is cumulo, this is something that I disagree, because the story is originally focused on the relationship between the characters and how the personality of the protagonists changes and evolves along the way.

The twenty couple is living a very beautiful despite the molasses, but who here does not like a syrupy story once in a while? Well, while taking advantage the honeymoon passing the time together they found a girl unconscious one day while strolling in a forest next to a side still on the 22nd floor. Then they took the girl home while thinking what would be the reason she lost in the forest unconscious. The next day the girl wakes up, apparently the only thing she remembers is the name Yui and appears to have suffered mental damage because he can not speak properly and his intellectual abilities seem those of a small child, but for some reason she was Kirito and Asuna as his real parents.


So after thinking and exchange ideas Yui decide to take the city from the beginning to see is the girl’s parents, however what they find in the city was just starting having problems to save some children who were being extorted by guild members Aincard Liberation Force (ALF ) better known as “The Army,” after saving the children in the church and talk with the young man who protected them one of the leaders of the ALF appears asking for help to Kirito and Asuna.


Power conflicts were happening within the ALF, Kibaou took advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the guild leader Thinker who was imprisoned in a dungeon for high level completely without equipment thus preventing their escape. Kirito and Asuna Yuiler help save Thinker, but unexpectedly a boss creatures with powers comparable to the upper floors was present at the site, the death of the protagonists was right, but then Yui unexpectedly receives the blow in their fight and warning “Immortal Object” appears over her head, Yui then destroys the boss with a sword made of giant flames and then explains that she regained her memories and is actually part of the system that controls Sword Art Online, but somehow Yui developed emotions and tried to approach Kirito and Asuna of what caused their malfunction and loss of memory, the system behind the game called Cardinal begins to delete Yui, but at the last moment Kirito can hack into the system through the control panel that Yui left open. Thank Kirito, Yui was only transformed into an object and saved in your Nerv Gear in the game despite it taking the form of a jewel that Asuna started using as a putting a around his neck.


Well, Yui call Kirito and Asuna father of the mother was a bit much even for me, they are deeply in love and married plus live together despite being within a game of life or north is still acceptable and I have no problem nor a with molasses, quite the contrary they are very cute together put a program dealing with emotions as parents they were a little more but as Yui is very kawaii I can ignore this fact

Another somewhat exaggerated, the couple was twenty have attached both Yui in just two days I understand that she’s cute and everything and to have it together they did seem a family, but somehow it was a bit forced and this is one of the negative points that I have to speak. Because of things that happened before you could suspect that Yui was a program, it is obvious in the novel and not so much in the anime, who read it know what I’m talking about.


Now after all these problems on the 22nd floor, Kirito and Asuna were once again enjoying their honeymoon, the next incident was funny in many ways. While trying to fish without any success Kirito met an elderly man who was trapped inside the game, they talk a lot and then Kirito invites to lunch at his house. The most unexpected came the next day when Kirito and where this gentleman decided to try fishing in double supposed to catch the giant fish that ultimately ended up being a low-level monster which Asuna quickly destroyed.


Now comparing these events with when the game started who would have thought that the two lone wolves who just wanted to finish the game to get rid of the ghosts of the past would end up together and so mellow? After all really liked the two together and have finally finished understood though I miss you more “tsun” that Asuna had at the beginning. Currently many anime has dealt with themes of survival and are all relatively serious then something I like about it was that point is to relax a bit and even put a little romance and comedy in the story.

Finally one of the most anticipated moments where Heathcliff leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath calls Kirito and Asuna back to the front line. Apparently a whole bunch of high level players disappeared after entering the boss room of the 75th floor. Well, after prepare to battle our heroes head for the 75th floor where they find that Klein and Agil will also participate in the battle with the group of Heathcliff and a dozen more high level players.


The boss of this floor was incredibly powerful, killing players with one blow and the fight was long and exhausting, but the group won however paying a price too, many players have died in this battle. The event even more amazing was coming, Kirito attacks Heathcliff revealing that it was an object immortal like Yui, cities and walls … Heathcliff is actually Kayaba Akihiko creator of Sword Art Online and solely responsible for all players that hold deadly game.


Kayaba Akihiko Kirito faces for the second time after doing the rest of the players in the room become paralyzed, this time Kayaba off system protection no longer an object immortal and yet Kirito was about to lose the fight, but when he was to receive the final blow Asuna paralysis wins and takes the blow instead Kirito in the heat of the moment Kayaba tries to attack, but loses put before death strikes the final blow causing them to die together in the end Asuna and Kirito were still alive and saw Aincard being destroyed After all players have been released trapped. Kayaba then tells about his dream of the floating castle really existed in another world full of unexplored dungeons and then desaprece, Kirito and Asuna account each other their real names Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) Asuna and Yuki so they can find in the real world.


What we can see the end of the arc is a Aincard not live without each other so much that Kazuto Kayaba did promise that prevent Asuna to commit suicide if the die facing the fact Asuna have won the paralyzed to save Kazuto shows how much he is important to her. They are able to sacrifice for the other to survive revealing that the love we feel for one another is very pure and profound something that never happens in real life and for that reason is one of the things that makes me so fond of this anime.

So finally Kazuto wakes up after two years trapped in Sword Art Online and then gets up even with his body weakened and begins searching for Asuna.


Sword Art Online – Episode 10

Interesting things happened in episode 10 of Sword Art Online finally what many were expecting happened, just sorry for those who do not like romance and are finding that developing bad, I love the way the story follows without doubt the best anime of the season my see.

So in the last Heathcliff leader of the Blood Knights Kirito challenges for a battle with something at stake and this is something to be gained Asuna Asuna is free to go, but if you lose Kirito should join the guild. Good an epic struggle between two users “unique skills” the legendary leader of the Blood Knights with his skill “Holy Sword” that lets you switch freely between attack and defense making their defenses nearly impenetrable ground and the player with his skill Kirito “Dual Blades “which as the name suggests allows you to fight with two weapons simultaneously a skill clearly ofenciva.


The fight between the two drew much attention from other players ultimately are the only users of “unique skills”. The fight was more or less match up that victory would visibly Kirito then that moment time stood still and made Heathcliff a defense beyond impossible to take the chance to counter-attack with a speed clearly exceeding the limits of the system and Kirito loses battle thus having to join the guild.


After wearing his new uniform and look like a funeral Asuna asks why he avoids going into guilds then he tells what happened to the members of his former guild and they died because of Asuna then hugs him saying that will not die and it is she who will protect him. What can I say it was almost a statement, but considering how things were going during the side stories who knew that Asuna would begin to do so and that Kirito tell anyone about his past.


So Kirito Godfree calls for a mission treinamente because he wants to personally assess their skills at the end was just a trap set by Kuradeel Kirito who wanted to kill and then finally see its true face after poison Kirito and Godfree with paralyzing poison and kill the Godfree cold blood, Kuradeel kept laughing so insane and was found to have the mark of the guild of player killers “Laughing Coffing” in his arm and then starts attacking Kirito, but at the last minute Asuna appears to save the day using a crystal healing Kirito and then part Kuradeel to attack until he falls to the ground with little HP (Health Points) left. So Kuradeel takes advantage of the chance and disarms Asuna, but when he was about to strike a blow Kirito it protects and strikes the final blow thus killing Kuradeel.


Asuna began to blame for what happened then before she could escape Kirito steals a kiss and she does calm down saying that his life belongs to her and that he will protect her and wanted to spend the night with her, for me it was declaration more expensive than something to calm someone and certar way that made me happy because it was already time this season then our tsundere to vary is more dere dere than tsun which is a good thing to see since they are usually tsun more than dere dere. Now the question that begs two anti-social as well as a casalzinho ended? Over time they were becoming close obviously, but even as the novel goes into detail about it then it is we can only imagine.


Well, something very funny happened the night after dinner Asuna turns off the lights and is only in his underwear she obviously misunderstood the intentions of Kirito that if I would have enjoyed it instead of trying to correct the misunderstanding and how to take a punch result the young Kirito still has plenty to learn apparently. Now here’s a conversation that was cut cuts and only appears in the novel the scene shortly after the punch Kirito question tells Asuna did not know they could do things in ecchi ARE so she did she heard some girls saying that the guild is possible to disable the filter of censorship, there is an important conversation and therefore was cut from the anime, but it would be very interesting if they had maintained it would be something funny to watch. Good, but back to business after the conversion scene they punch a bit and then asks Kirito Asuna in marriage.


What I thought about the episode, very good, but the anime was gone now, at the beginning when everyone was thinking it was gone, but because the novel did not go into detail about the side stories as already said they just show how Kirito got to where it is now so it does not show things in detail and that part was not used more than one chapter per episode, though that was not what happened in episode 10 where three chapters were compressed in an episode fighting Heathcliff occupies a chapter whole, the ambush of Kuradeel occupies an entire chapter and the scene at the home of Asuna also occupies an entire chapter, however extend the struggle for an entire episode would be impossible and very annoying and the other scenes there are many unnecessary conversations and thoughts of Kirito and if we want to show is how the story develops these things are edited to make the story more fluid then stop to think straight is not run as well.


Sword Art Online – Episode 9

And the long awaited episode 9 was finally released surprises and more surprises Kirito was hiding an asset on the sleeves, especially now talk a little about the evolution of the characters throughout the anime and only then talk about episode 9 without further ado let’s get to it now interests.

First I’ll talk about the trajectory of Kirito so far and how his personality changed throughout history, also talk a little about Asuna. Earlier this game of life and death Kirito knew that Klein threw Sword Art Online first Kirito different from what was a beta tester and therefore played the beta version of the game as we all have noticed he appeared to have difficulty getting along with other people but still taught to jogor Klein, Klein was his first friend in the game and one of the few people that Kirito considers friends. When the truth behind this game of life and death was revealed they eventually split Klein sought out his friends while anti-social Kirito began his solo adventure.

The personality of Kirito underwent many changes after the game over to start the battle against the boss of the 1st floor the life of one of the players has been lost and the normal players accused the beta testers that this happened because it did not share information so reluctant Kirito decided to become a beater (beta tester + cheater and that means cheater cheater) for doing away with the rule against beta testers Kirito took any prejudice to himself in this fight Kirito met two people who know the real reason he has become beater and one that would become near future Kirito first Agil a merchant who owns a shop and user ax and Asuna that eventually became commander of the sub guild Knights of the Blood when Asuna was kind of anti-social, but this changes to Also few.

What caused one of the biggest changes in Kirito was joining the guild Black Cat’s of the Full Moon which invited Kirito to the guild after being saved by him after some thought he agreed to join them perhaps because he was tired of walking alone perhaps to atone for what happened at the beginning of the game when Klein let alone. Kirito really liked this guild and became very close to a member of a girl named Sachi, Kirito helped guild training taught them the most efficient way to fight and how to level up quickly the first time becomes really close to someone in game, but due to the incident that caused the death of all Kirito began to blame himself for what happened and went back to being a solo player only occasionally helping other players to atone for what happened to your old guild mates.

One of the players who helped Kirito in her period of isolation was a girl named Silica Kirito only helped for two reasons first he needed a bait to capture the Player Killers and send them to prison because the second Silica always your sister New Silica was very grateful Kirito help you relive your pet dragon Pina, Silica did not appear again until this episode and Kirito was clearly punishing for what happened keeping distance from other players not to hurt them.

As we all have noticed the incident that started breaking the anti-social side of Asuna as much of Kirito was the incident involving the death of the leader of a small guild that currently does not exist anymore, I will not get in until tetalhes because’ve talked about this in another post, but when the story was resolved and Asuna Kirita added each other to friends list and started talking more often besides meet from time to time.

So Kirito goes to the store by Lisbeth Asuna recommendation to buy a custom sword. Kirito just try to do a quest with Lisbeth to acquire the necessary metal creating his new sword, the interesting fact is that for the first time in a long time Kirito was happy to do a quest with someone. Now the biggest change was tailed by Asuna, since both became very close to the point his side destroy anti-social and you can see that they really care about each other. The episode 9 showed that they are much closer than imagined conversations try normal thing that had not happened yet.


Now to the point the episode 9 begins where it left off the eighth episode, Asuna and Kirito found the boss room of the 74th floor but fled because it appeared to be very powerful, after much running stopped to rest and Asuna gave Kirito a snack made by herself and then after a couple of chat Klein All of a sudden appears with your guild Fuurinkazan and talk a little strange at first thought Klein fashion party ever since Kirito (group) with anyone and insists on being solo Klein then asks to take Asuna Kirito account.


A little later appear guild members called Aincard Liberation Force aka The Army that after getting the information about the location of the boss of the 74th floor with Kirito run up to the boss room. Kirito decided to keep an eye on them at some distance not to do anything crazy to face the boss, but they just raided the boss room and were dying one after the other.


Asuna was the first to intervene in the fight, so to protect her Kirito decides to hold the boss alone while Asuna Klein and enjoying the moment to remove the members of the Liberation Force Aincard Kirito realize that the room will not last long and the massacre that was going before his eyes reminded him of the death of his former fellow Black Cat’s of the Full Moon which Kirito still feels responsible for the death and then decides to use his supreme skill “dual sword” that allows you to use two swords at once, and activated one of your most powerful sword skills “Starburst Stream” and thus winning the boss wins the 74th floor and I must say that the fight was simply epic.


Kirito fainted after the end of the fight because his HP (heath Points) almost reached zero Asuna hugged him when he regained consciousness, she was very worried about him and even while he talked with Klein Asuna not let go for fear that he would die if she let go and saying she would not know what to do and lost.


Agil spent helping Kirito into hiding because after using his ability “dual sword” he became very famous and many people are after him to learn the secrets of his skill visibly overpower, but that’s just the beginning of problems for the leader the Knights of the Blood called Heathcliff Kirito challenges to a duel if you win Asuna is free to go with him ever lose will be required to join the guild.

Things are heating up and we can expect a lot of upcoming episodes, as will be the outcome of the fight between Heathcliff and Kirito players more powerful SAO anyway will be an epic fight and win regardless of who may be close to Kirito Asuna finally something “good” is happening in this game of life and death.

Sword Art Online – Episode 7 and 8

So starting with episode 7 as everyone might have noticed ARE is changing direction gradually and increasingly becomes more focused on the relationships between the characters. This episode takes place on the 48th floor where Kirito goes to the store to get a sword Lisbeth customized with power equivalent to your current sword “Elucidator” get over breaking one of the swords while Lisbeth tested.


Lisbeth says she could make a quality sword if he had the necessary materials and then Kirito Kirito Lisbeth and a dragon hunt for the “Crystalite Ignot” which is a rare metal that grows inside the stomach of the dragon, but ended up falling into a hole they later discovered was actually the dragon’s nest and ended up having to spend the night there, but when Lisbeth woke Kirito had found the “Crystalite Ignot” and then just waited for the dragon back to the nest and went from there using the dragon as mount until they are out of the nest.


After returning to the store on the 48th floor Lisbeth uses her rare metal that managed to create a “Dark Repulser.” Lisbeth appear to have fallen for Kirito, but gave up because Asuna is also beyond believe that Asuna is a better companion than she.


Analyzing this episode from the viewpoint of a player, “ignots” are generally used to create various types of items from tools quality even weapon and armor and it is clear that the materials differ little in many existing MMORPG, for example, ” ignots “are crude metals which when combined with other materials can be purified and used oh yes finally creating some items in some games there are no raw materials and all materials you can use are bought and purchased items by killing monsters or completing quests.

Well, and the most anticipated moment finally arrived all what everyone expected, the side stories and finally ended the episode 8 shows what happens in the first chapter of the first volume of the light novel Sword Art Online more precisely the first chapter is beginning to struggle the episode and then begin the side stories, but in the anime as they were presented before the beginning itself so this marks the beginning of the main story, the main story is focused on the relationship between the characters, after two years trapped in the game looks like Asuna Kirito and became very close.

Earlier this episode Kirito is fighting alone against a level 82 NPC called “Lizarman Lord” and after beat him back to the city. Just reminding those who have forgotten NPC means non-player-character and includes everything from monsters and other characters controlled by the computer.


Returning to the city to find a rare item Kirito an ingredient level S Asuna and then asks if she can cook it, so they go to her house she uses this rare ingredient to make dinner, after eating a lot and they talk of to note that they became really close by the way the conversation developed. Asuna decides to form party (group) with Kirito.


The next day they decide to meet 74th floor but Kuradeel another member of the Knights of the Blood Oath and Asuna appears and tries to take it back then Kirito and Kuradeel end up dueling and Kirito wins, Kuradeel is dispensed by Asuna and walks away with face of rabid dog.


So after all the fuss they set off to clear a dungeon (masmora – enclosed area inhabited by monsters), Kirito realize that hunt along with Asuna is much easier than when you do it alone, but accidentally end up finding the boss room of the 74th floor they decide to open the door just to get a look, but prepare your teleport crystals before entering, but then the boss appears. What will happen is that they will fight it alone or receive help from someone we will only know in the next episode.


A lot happened in this episode primarily about “cooking skill” that serves to make food inside the game, ARE seems to be a little different, but in the games I know “cooking skill” (in fact it has other names in other games in some is a profession that earns experience separately from the experience that is gained by killing monsters) usually serves to make food, however food is not useless in a game? Well, the food in MMORPG usually has several functions recovering HP (Heath Points – health points or hit points), recovering MP (Magic Points – magic points), to recover damages for atribributo, curing conditions as venemo, and paralysis and other even give temporary bonuses under the bonus items, but they are sometimes the difference between winning or dying especially for solo players.






Sword Art Online – Episode 6

Recalling a bit what happened in the last episode, apparently someone was killing other players for revenge were all former members of the same guild and somehow that someone was able to kill people inside the secure area where it would be impossible to injure other players, but Somehow that someone could kill other players inside the secure area.


Now for the current episode concerned the likely next target of the killer began to think it was a ghost that was chasing players because obviously a ghost could kill anyone within the safe area. Kirito on the other hand did not believe it because he saw the culprit using a teleportation crystal, however a ghost could not use a physical object which only made the mystery even more mysterious.


Even after much thought Kirito and Asuna failed to reach a solution while they were eating Kirito then realized that something had gone unnoticed until then you can not kill players of the safe area and the fact that the alleged killer have teleported and then finally understood what was happening in reality neither player had died what happened was just the destruction of the clothing of the players and the last time they used a teleportation crystal thus making it appear that they had been killed.


They had decided to leave everything in the hands of the culprit who actually was not guilty of anything and just wanted to clarify the death of someone important to them the former leader of his former guild. Kirito and Asuna continued talking for a long time until Asuna talks about marriage within the game that when two players get married they start to share the same deposit items therefore can access the other items placed on deposit and in that moment Kirito else noticed that the items may be rotated by the owner of the deposit this way then the culprit was the husband of Grimrock former guild leader and then decided to go after them.


In the end it was a frame Grimrock himself had taken advantage of the plan of his former companions for anyone suspicious about it. A guild of killers player also appeared, but thanks to Kirito nothing bad happened and the culprit was brought by his former comrades probably for some prison to pay for his crime.

What to think about all this? It really was a very ingenious plan and well done to simulate using assassinations within the safe so the culprit causing the death of the guild to be revealed, but in the end the real culprit was not who they thought it was and also apparently Kirito and Asuna are becoming closer to the few, one can only hope that the quality of the anime continue climbing.


Sword Art Online – Episode 4 and 5

The fourth episode of Sword Art Online was very interesting especially for those like me who like lolis fluffy. A beautiful little girl named Silica and its mascot a small baby dragon, it initially was in a group where everyone saw it only as a mascot because of the circumstances and the fight with another member of the group decided to leave it alone, but his dragon mascot died Kirito and not around Silica also probably would have died, Kirito explains that your pet can hit you back, but only for a period of 3 days and then resolves to follow the girl and help her pick up the item will raise your pet.


What we find interesting in this episode is the reason why Kirito helped first because she reminds him of his sister and also because he needed her as bait to lure the player killers (players who kill other players) who killed other players and stole his rare items that attacking other players is common in some MMORPG, but really uncomfortable, because even unwilling to fight with other players if you’re still out of a safe area they can attack your character.


At the end Kirito solved both problems, ended with the player killers and sent them to jail and get the item to revive the mascot of Silica. We can compare this with the facts that actually happen in games of this style sometimes level players sometimes self help low level players who are clearly in need of help has happened to me a few times, however the difference is that in Sword Art Online is not no help a character, but the player himself who needs help can end up dying. In my opinion Sword Art Online really shows how things work in MMORPG games and this is one of the things that make a good anime.


Now talking about the fifth episode, it seems that the groups leading the cleaning of floors and destroy the raid boss met to decide how the attack will be the next boss, but some drawbacks happened after the meeting, someone is killing players for revenge .

A guild had been destroyed because their leader died, but there were other problems before. For example, a rare item that they could have made a vote to decide whether to sell the item or use it then by a majority vote was decided by its sale, but his leader never returned and then discovered that she had died and because that the guild was disbanded and a member believes that the 3 who voted against selling the item are to blame for the death of the leader.


Initially Kirito and Asuna thought the killer was using the system PK (player killer) or PvP (player vs. player) that enables duels entres players and that is the only way to kill another player in an aria as safe cities . They found be wrong, apparently the killer managed to create a weapon that can ignore the fact that they are in a safe area and thus kill other players and thus have managed to eliminate two of the three former members of his former guild, the only one left now is a member of Divine Dragon Alliance guild most of the game (not better just bigger).

To better understand how the PK MMORPG games on the PK or PvP system is generally unfair, as long as it is a safe area outside the player can attack other players without being attacked or it has been a challenge for some players level self-minded children sometimes go to the areas around the towns early in the game just to be able to attack players beginners who do not have enough power to defend such an act and still find funny, for these and other shallow not play more games PK without allowing the player to accept the request duel.


Now back to the subject as the search for the guilty continue we will only know in the next episode, but the fact is that the guilty weapon has the ability to kill players within the same secure area, however I can say with certainty is that so far Sword Online Art is the best anime of the season and hope to continue getting better. Well, that’s what I think each of you to see and decide for yourself whether you like it or not.

Sword Art Online – Episode 3

Well, so far the anime has been developing very well despite being very busy, if you think about the first episode in the game began, the second episode had passed up a month since the beginning of the game and now third episode they are already on the 50th floor, that would be half of the game. Maybe they want to adapt the entire novel in just one season earnestly hope that this does not spoil the excellent anime trying to run something as has been happening so far.


Now talking about the episode in question, as he said above the anime is very busy so some questions are where and when Kirito saved that group of players who later found to be members of a guild, I guess we’ll never know, but the fact is the following Kirito saved them and then they invited him to join the guild. Well, these episode we see the protagonist finally began to relate to other people, not like the first two episodes that he really seemed to have made friends with others and helped them in various ways with training teaching the right time to use each tactic combat.


In MMORPG games there are always those more experienced players who enjoy helping teach beginners and more ways to combat NPCs (non player character) in general more efficient ways to defeat bosses, but only teach because it will benefit them in the future because when there are more good players make is easier Raids and other difficult missions that require a group of players. Now combining this with the anime in question Kirito is a solo player so he really helped a group of players was because they would die if he left them alone and also believe he wanted someone to talk to.


Thanks to Kirito the guild has grown not in number, but all became good players, however due to the fact have hidden their real level and said he was at the same level they all eventually died and Kirito went on to blame for the death of all especially the death of girl named Sachi, he really seemed to like it and tell you what happened after the leader of the guild leader committed suicide. What step is to comment on what happened that Kirito already blamed himself for what happened at the beginning of the game and by and by the death of Diabel in fighting the boss of the first floor, the anime portrays very well the emotions that a person has in a situation extreme life or death.

I can confidently say that Sword Art Online is an anime that is worth being seen now will remain so until the end now is a completely different story. What is more interesting to rushes see the reactions of the characters in these extreme situations that occur within the game this insane game of life and death. How many will survive? When will we see Asuna again? Those are questions that remain in the air for the next episodes.


Sword Art Online – Episode 2

Many surprises happened this second episode, the first of which was that the story continues one month after the beginning of the game, and more than two thousand players have lost their lives and yet nobody could find the boss of the first pisso.Something that used to be quite realized this anime MMORPG are terms then this can hamper things a bit for those who have never played and porting who do not know the terms used in this type of game.


So as I was saying many surprises happened, but I think one of the most interesting things was the confirmation of something I’ve been thinking about since the first episode, the protagonist finds it difficult to relate to other people and it was very evident. Some of the remaining players have joined to form a Raid (union of several groups or a special group that allows players more than normal) to face the boss of the first floor which was finally found, all players took groups easily and seemed already known for some time while Kirito almost panicked then ultimately ended up joining a girl who was alone in the end as he.


Good on the girl Asuna my first impressions about it is it’s a really interesting character despite not having spoken much during the episode. The conversation she had with Kirito after forming a duo seems that something bad happened in the last city she was then moved to the next town to not get that she was, just hope it does not become boring or irritating a character with over time.

An interesting fact is that the anime shows how some things work in real MMORPG, as already mentioned Raids, showed some tactical team play though though they are a bit different in real games, but the idea itself is the same also with the death of the leader’s Raid trying to pick up an item unique and powerful while trying to beat the boss alone it’s an idea of ​​how powerful items happen disputes within the games.


As for the question that hung in the air in the first post about the series, “Is it worth watching?” I can say so far is that yes, Sword Art Online is developing is arguably well so far and this new episode is proved as good as the first and is still good now until the end is another story entirely and only discover the answer in the next episodes.