Kirito Cosplay Costume

Kirito (SAO/Black Swordsman Kirito)

High 1.72me from leaner physique, Kirito as almost exclusively with either black or dark clothes usually it is difficult to clear the clothes you wear, a look that suits her looks especially her eyes dark and gloomy, and short hair blacks. He always wears a coat that he often uses for his illusionist tricks.
Kirito is used to keep the lining of his sword behind his back.

Kirito Coat of Midnight

Coat of midnight – First seen in Episode 2 “Beater”. Obtained by beating the first floor boss and last worn in Episode 6 “Phantom Avenger”

kirito coat of midnight cosplay

Kirito Black Suit

BlackWyrm Coat (Leather Coat – Player-made by Ashley) – Last black coat
Blackwyrm Coat – His clothing in Episode 7. Also seen in the opening song

kirito blackwyrm coat

kirito black suite costume cosplay

Kirito Knight of Blood Oath Suit Uniform

Heathcliff, the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath, challenges Kirito to a duel where if he loses, Kirito has to join his guild. The end is Kirito has to dress like one of the Knights too.

kirito knight of blood costume kirito-kob-costume

kirito knights of the blood oath costume

Alfheim Online (ALO) Kirito Jacket (in season 2)

AOL kirito jacket

aol kirito sword art online costume


Kirito  Winter Coat (In real world), click for more details



Kirito Shoes: Kirito Leather Boots, click for more details

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