Alfheim Online (ALO)

Alfheim Online (ALO)

HP: 400
MP: 800
New Equipment:
Black Iron Great Sword – Large Black Sword bought in Sylvain. Replaced by a new Long Sword in the 7th Volume.
Long Sword – A Long Sword that replaced the Black Iron Great Sword as his main default sword.
Excaliber – The strongest sword known in the SAO/ALO Universe.

he can also use 2 swords in ALO but this ability is not needed to use them.

Illusion magic: In ALO he has the ablility to wrap himself in an illusion and make himself look like any monster he has seen before. The first time he did this, he morphed into a high lvl boss demon. the illusions are real since he was able to pick up other players and bite their heads off.

kirito-demon Kirito Illusion Magic Demon


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